Zooey Deschanel Haircut

square faceCharacterized by short hair often choose a bold woman. Zooey Deschanel Haircut square on the leg looks special. This haircut has great volume at the crown, from ear to ear or just below, at street, but on the back of the head of hair at least. Women and hair stylists love the haircut Bob the same way. It is versatile and easy to care for. In addition, it gives a lot of room for experimentation with colour, with the structure. Not surprisingly, the short Bob haircut is almost always in the fashion trend.

If you have oval and oblong face, you “fluffy” version of a short haircut. In this case, the hair as a result of an uneven spread of the layers accentuate the facial contours and smooth out imperfections. If you have a round face and you decided to make a square, of course, it should be as short haircut. While ladies with the square face is best to choose an elongated quads.

Trendy haircuts

Options trendy haircuts square on the leg. This haircut is chosen by many famous women such as Zooey Deschanel Haircut

Certainly, this ladies cut is square on the leg, is the most popular. Various options and ways to execute this haircut for several decades in the fashion of women all over the world. Haircut square on the leg combined with various types of bangs. For example, straight bangs, oblique or graduated can perfectly get along with the haircut Bob. But without bangs this haircut looks great.

For the last few years especially popular square on the leg with elongated front strands. This haircut can come for very thick hair or for hair no different natural volume. Because with this hairstyle you can give visual volume to your hair. To do packing for a haircut caret easier. The time to do this, many do not require, the hair will always look neat and well maintained.

If the person is different elongated form, there are too protruding cheekbones, or the shape of the face is very narrow, cut square on the leg may be the best option.

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