Which Hairstyles Are Proper For Rectangular Face Shape?

Best Hairstyles For Rectangular Face ShapeToday take a look Which Hairstyles Are Proper For Rectangular Face Shape. You know decide hairstyle according to your face shape is key factor of look beautiful. And it is important to find best style for your face shape when the subject is hair.

What Is The Rectangular Face Shape?

For this face shape is longer than it’s width. Also square jaw line is the characteristic of┬á┬árectangular face shape. Also hair line is square too.

Which Hairstyles Are Proper For Rectangular Face Shape?

Waves or curls are best way to style for this face shape. Waves add volume and give extra width to your face and balance structures. Volume at the sides will be helpful.

Sleek updos are proper if you want to pay attention to your jaw line. Ponytails are good way to style your hair too. Leave some strands on the front to soften your face structures.

Layered hairstyle are good way to add movement and volume to sides and create width. Layered hairstyle is easy to maintain and soften face structures.

Which Hairstyles You Should Avoid For Rectangular Face Shape?

One of them is blunt bangs, these heavy bangs create more rectengular image and sharpen the face structures.

Very long hairstyles are not proper because lenght of hair add extra lenght to your face shape. Volume at the crown create the same image and add lenght. Avoid this hairstyle too.

What Are The Short Hairstyles For Rectangular Face Shape?

If you wear short hairstyle you should combine them with fringes or bangs. Because short hair reveal all your face structure. Bangs are best way to soften this sharp structures.

Which Hairstyles Are Proper For Rectangular Face Shape you can get ideas in gallery below.

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