What Are 1970s Hairstyles?

Today we will talk about What Are 1970s Hairstyles. This decade there are many different hairstyles are experimented. We can say that was an important period in this respect.

What Are The Popular Hairstyles Of 1970s?

In this decade many women prefer long and straight hairstyles. I can say this is one of the most popular hairstyle for this decade. Center parted style is preferred, you can see that from many photos belongs that years.

The history of shag hair styles used today are based on these time. Shag styles are also called as messy hairstyles and be able to adapted to all lenghts. But with short hair more impressive looks are obtained.

Wedge Hairstyle is a popular hairstyle that we know from famous American figure skater Dorothy Hamill. Womens see that hairstyle and admire. Many women try wedge styles after that.

Afro hairstyles are take their names from  African-Americans hairstyle that is extremely  curly. Manw women apply perming process to obtain this very curling hairstyle. This hairstyle become fashionable among all women not only African-Americans.

Who Is 1970s Hair Icons?

Farrah Fawcett from Charlies Angels inspire many women with her flipped hairstyle. We saw Pam Grier from films like Foxy Brown. She is the icon of Afro hairstyles.

Mia Farrow from  Twiggy and The Great Gatsby movies take evergreen bob in fashion.

What are 1970s Hair Accesories?

Hairbands are trendy accessories of decade. Scarves could be used instead of that. Especially colorful hairbands are most preferred.

You can see What Are 1970s Hairstyles from gallery below to get more detailed information.

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