Types Of Bangs

Types Of BangsBangs are come back and rock this season. There are many Types Of Bangs. Because of it, decide one of them is so difficult. If you are looking for a idea, and want to know new styles you are at the right place. Let’s take a look differnt bangs together!

What Is The Side Swept Bang?

Side swept bangs are popular styles and have big advantage. Because these types of bang fit every face shape. It is proper for round, square, long, diamond face shapes. They are so versatile styles and gives you unique styling options. That is why they are so popular and many love side swept bangs. This bang will add dimension to your face, this is a good feature for round faces to reduce the roundness.

What Is The Blunt Bang?

Blunt bang is straight type of bang. This bangs are modern styles and change every hairstyle, makes them sophisticated. Blunt bangs are look good with both long and short hair. I love the idea of using blunt bangs and blunt cuts together. To try this, you can wear a blunt Bob hairstyle. The combination of two will give you ultra modern look. But avoid heavy blunt bangs if you have round face. This bangs will reduce the lenght of your face more.

What Is The Choppy Bang?

Choppy bangs are retro and lovely styles. Thes styles look best with choppy haircuts. And messy wavy styles are look good with choppy bangs.

You can see Types Of Bangs in our picture gallery. Which one is your favorite?

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