Sharon Stone hairstyles

curlsNew year begins with the holidays, and at the festival you need to look bright and stylish. Trendy Sharon Stone hairstyles for new year 2016, stylish styling on February 14, February 23 and March 8 is necessary. Below you will find a very beautiful and stylish hairstyles.

This hairstyle will look great and festive, evening dress and with a business Trouser suit. It is quite simple.
1. Separate top section of hair at the crown, from ear to ear, and make her a light fleece.
2. Gather all hair from a high ponytail, tie it with a thin elastic band.
3. Then cast the tail forward, and the hair at the base of the tail, near the gum, gently divide into 2 parts to make a small hole and slip the tail, but not until the end.
4. The ends of the hair which you poked through the hole and tie around the base of the tail and kill it with a stiletto, and the resulting beam stretch slightly to the side and clip away the sides of the studs.

The fishtail braid

The fishtail braid, trendy for the past few seasons, we can make a beautiful and stylish hairstyle.
1. Curl hair with tongs. This will give hair extra volume.
2. Slightly disassemble the curls with your fingers and weave braid.
3. Received a bit of spit stretch to become bigger.
4. Take out braids low bun on the side or on the back of your head and secure it.

Curls are always in trend! Such a feminine, light and gentle Sharon Stone hairstyles to the face of every woman. Every man likes a soft wave of hair on woman’s head. Waves and curls and is suitable for a gala evening to celebrate the new year 2016, to celebrate a birthday or graduation.

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