Red Hair Color Ideas

Red Hair Color IdeasRed hair is so attractive and unique style. We will compile Red Hair Color Ideas here for you. This color is so vivid and energetic. Many women love red because of these features. There are many shades of red available. Some of them are pure reds, some of them brownish or blonde-red mixture. It is important to choose best one for yourself?

How To Choose Red Hair Color To Skin Tone?

The key of carry red hair color best is make choices according to your skin tone.

If you have light skin tone, you have many options. First, you may prefer red and copper shades. Bright copper looks stunning especially women that have green eyes. Pure red tones are energetic and feminine choices that you can try. Season’s best color strawberry blonde is also looking amazing with light skin tone. Avoid darker shades of red that can look your face pale.

If you have medium skintone; medium shades of red is proper for you. Avoid too light or too dark shades. Medium auburn can be a good choice. I love this versatile and unique color!

For dark skin tones, auburn red is great choice. Also you can choose darker shade of reds like vine red.

What Is The Best Red Hair Color Of 2015?

Strawberry blonde is the best and most popular red hair color of the year. This is a balanced color that contains both blonde and red. Many blondes change their hair into strawbeery blonde.

Who Are The Celebrities With Red Hair Color?

Many celebrities try this hair color time to time. I’ m sure Rihanna comes to mind first. Her big change is surprised everyone.  Nicole Kidman, Julia Roberts, Christina Hendricks are some of another celebrities with red. You can get Red Hair Color Ideas from celebrity hairstyles.

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