Quick hairstyles for long hair

Quick hairstyles for long hairThe tail is a quick hairstyles for long hair
to raise it by a few minutes, but you can make very beautiful and stylish. So you can remove the long hair from his face.

Beautiful hairstyle can be quick. Such a tail can be done in 5 minutes. All that is needed to create hairstyles is a thin elastic hair band, some hair clips, special hair skladka. But if the pads are not, you can make a fleece.Low bun is elegant and stylish Interesting and elegant hairstyle for long hair. This hairstyle can be done on a gala evening or on a date. It is as simple, you’ll be able to do it.

This is the sum of Babette’s and braids. Hair from temples are going on the top is fleece, hair nakalyautsya studs. Divided into two parts and braided pigtails, pigtails are fastened around the head.

Indispensable Hairstyles

The second hairstyle
On the sides of the face, at the level of the temple, the strands are taken and twisted into bundles. The resulting bundles together with the rest of the hair going in a ponytail and tied with a rubber band. To hide the elastic from the tail, take one strand and wrap it around the elastic, the end of the lock pin fixing.

The third hairstyle
So long hair is not climbed in the face, but remained loose, take strands of hair from your temples, twist them into bundles and clip away the invisible behind the ear.

The fourth hairstyle
High beam, which can be done in 30 minutes. Sixth hairstyle Interesting and simple hairstyle and make it for a couple of minutes. Need a hair tie, a pair of pins and a barrette.

Eighth hairstyle
If you love to go with her hair but don’t want to have the hair you prevented and climbed in the face, will suit this hairstyle.

Ninth hairstyle
Hairstyle braid fishtail. Fashionable for several seasons, the braid hair is easy. Hair just need to divide it into two parts and to get the stylish hair, in turn, from one side of the hair and then the other takes a small strand and is transported to the opposite part of hair. Tenth hairstyle for quick hairstyles for long hair.

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