Long Live the Shag Hairstyle

Long Live the Shag HairstyleThe shag coiffure has been one of the crucial longest residing hair developments Long Live the Shag Hairstyle, it is said to be created via barber Paul McGregor; it came to mainstream reputation when Joan Jett, Mick Jagger, and Jane Fonda all rocked this androgynous sort within the 70’s. It appealed to many americans on the time for it’s rebellious suppose, the unisex type giving some the feeling of equality, while giving others an outward announcement of their opposition to the social norm.

Long Live the Shag Hairstyle

The shag coiffure has maintained it’s repute for the period of the decades through riding the kind line between edgy and glamorous finding it’s way on the heads of many of american citizens. Superstar stylist Sally Hershberger has emerge as recognized for her shaggy shapes, adorning the heads of Joan Jett, Meg Ryan and lots of others.

The shag maintains it’s place in the coiffure hall of status for it’s versatility, it can be work for all hair textures and face shapes. Most lately it has been featured in hairstyle collections and on runways. It started it’s resurgence when Kristen Stewart chopped her locks for the hit movie The Runaways.

2016 Long Hairstyles

A shag is characterized by it’s brief to long layering pattern, and even though it appears like it could also be a convenient thing for your hair stylist to do you must make certain they are secure with it to give you simply the proper shag. If you happen to get the proper shag it can be a fun, easy seem to reap, and trims on the shag coiffure must be about handiest be every 6-9 weeks.

Trend Long Hairstyles

Longer shapes can still be worn by means of all so long as the size is cautiously chosen. Oval face shapes can wear shags nonetheless they see fit, where as quick or circular shapes will have to hinder length past the collar bone.

The next looks are some first-rate long shag options to print, show your hairdresser and wear yourself. Long Live the Shag Hairstyle gallery is here.

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