Jamie Lee Curtis hairstyles

haircutsDid you know that with the help of scissors and comb can make a person more skinny? Of course with the right Jamie Lee Curtis hairstyles, you can make an experienced master Barber. The main thing is to know some tricks and subtleties.

Only people with a certain type of person can afford a short cut. If you want to make the face thinner, the need to divert the eyes from cheeks and chin, and short hair on the contrary focuses on the cheeks and cheekbones, so the short haircuts should be abandoned. You can use a fashionable haircut Bob or extended Bob. The main thing to remember that hair ended below the chin at least 3 cm.

Experienced master Barber

Glare and light strands of hair to give it naturalness, kabud-it burned out in the sun. Besides light and dark combination on the hair mimics the vertical lines that visually pull the face. Besides, it will give visual volume to thin hair.

Straight bangs can be a stylish addition to the haircut, but it does not suit those who want to visually narrow the face.

Ladder or cascade can be a great solution for owners of round, wide faces. The main thing to remember that layers of hair near the cheekbones, not above. Such haircuts with layers never go out of fashion.

You should avoid smooth straight hair. Such hair can make the face look heavy, so as mentioned above should give preference to layered Jamie Lee Curtis hairstyles.

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