How to use and who to avoid castor oil

How to use and who to avoid castor oilEvery woman wants to have beautiful, strong hair. Today on the market many products that promise to do wonders with any hair and many woman ask this question: how to use and who to avoid castor oil. It turns out that it is not always necessary to spend huge money on beauty products or treatments in the salon. You can try regular castor oil.

Castor oil in cosmetics

It is difficult to list all applications of oils in body care. Castor oil can be applied to the skin around the nails. It moisturizes and softens them. Oil is applied on the lashes is darken them and stimulates growth. Some fans homemade cosmetics applied castor oil on the face to moisturize the skin, prevent wrinkles and even reduce the symptoms of acne. Castor oil has good effect to prevent stretch marks, so you can massage the skin of the abdomen, buttocks and thighs with the use of oil. However, one of the most common uses of castor oil is hair care.

Castor oil for hair

The action of castor oil on hair and scalp so great that women from generation to generation, using it for home care. The oil can help in the following cases:

  • prevents hair loss and stimulates the growth of new
  • makes the hair shade deeper and darker
  • prevents split ends
  • helps fight dandruff and dry scalp
  • moisturizes hair and adds Shine

Not everybody knows about the antifungal and antibacterial property of the oil. Therefore, in order to prevent ringworm of the skin or inflammation of the hair follicles, you need to castor oil.

How to apply castor oil

If you want to strengthen prone to hair loss, weakened hair or you are looking for nourishing products that will restore, will moisturize and make smooth, castor oil is great.

The oil has a thick consistency, it can be mixed with olive oil or jojoba oil, 50: 50.

To apply the oil, water in the fingers and massage the scalp. This will stimulate blood circulation, strengthen hair roots and promote faster hair growth. Then divide hair into strands and distribute oil along the entire length. Wear a swimming cap and a towel – the heat will make it so that the mask will work better and learn about how to use and who to avoid castor oil.

Castor oil need to keep the hair from two to several hours. You can apply it before going to bed. Then wash your head with shampoo (if necessary even twice).

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