How to make your hair smooth and shiny

How to make your hair smooth and shinyHair, like skin, suffer badly from the cold, sun, wind, don’t proper care. To Shine and be healthy, they need extra hydration and protection from external influences. But how to make your hair smooth and shiny at home and your hands? Easily without visiting the salons and spending a ton of money, you can transform your hair beyond recognition.

What influences the appearance of hair

: how to make hair shiny

That hair had Shine, it needs to be moisturized and smooth. The moisture contained in the hair, held him, if his scales tightly appressed. Tightly pressed scales and give special Shine and smoothness. Therefore, first, the hair needed to fill with moisture, and then close these scales.

  1. To find a suitable shampoo. Every hair type needs to get appropriate care. This applies to shampoo. If we use the wrong products we are damaging our hair. Buy suitable products, for fine hair, dry, oily, curly or smooth.
  2. The first rule applies to other products – conditioner, mask and so on. To improve the condition of hair, be sure to leave all skincare on the hair for at least 15 minutes, especially in winter.
  3. Moisturizing the hair is key at all times of the year. Air, sun, rain or even snow, may have caused almost irreparable damage. To retain moisture, you need to regularly make masks based oils.

Main oils: castor, olive, linseed, almond, jojoba, coconut.

How to use the oil? Any oil listed, or a mixture of several, should be slightly warm, to body temperature. The main thing is not to heat the oil much, this overheating will destroy all the nutrients. Then the oil is applied on hair, avoiding the scalp. But if scalp is prone to dryness, have dandruff, this oil can be applied on the skin.

Then quickly comb the hair comb to distribute the oil, wrap with cling film and wrap with a towel. This will keep the heat better and to influence the oil. This oil balm to soak 30 minutes. Wash hair with warm water and shampoo.

  1. Masks – the best way to restore and maintain hair. The main ingredients help make how to make your hair smooth and shiny:
  • honey
  • castor oil
  • egg yolk
  • Apple cider vinegar

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