How To Get Big Curls?

How To Get Big Curls?How To Get Big Curls what are the useful tips for creating curly hair is here. Curls are the most popular hairstyle of 2015. You can notice that from celebritiy hairstyle and Street fashion. Many women wear different kinds of curly hair. But how to create this beautiful image, let’s look together.

How To Get Big Curls?

You can obtain this style with curling iron easily. For big curls you should use wider barrel. Curl thickness change according to barrel. Wait 3-4 minutes to barrel to heat effectively before you start curling.

You will apply heat to your hair. So heat protection products will be useful for prevent your hair against breakage. Curling productsshould be used if it desired.

Divide your hair into sections for more proper waves. Take one of the section and roll arounda barrel. Start from the center for more natural and loose look. Hold curling around approximately 5-10 seconds and release your hair.

Repeat this process to all your divided hair sections. When you finish all curling process it is time to give volume to this big curls. Turn your blow drier as cool mode and blast your hair. Finally spray your hair to fix these big curls

Which Products Should I Use For Big Curls?

As I mentioned below for keep your hair health use heat protection products. Also there are some products to give volume and obtain more effective curls. You can prefer one of them if you want. These will be helpful to maintain your curls for longer time.

Do Big Curls Suit Me?

It is proper style for every face shape. You don’t need to worry about it. But more effective big curls are obtained from long and medium hairstyles.

How To Get Big Curls an all tips are above. Now let’s look examples of big curls.

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