How to choose haircut for face shape

How to choose haircut for face shapeNot everyone know how to choose haircut for face shape with bangs. In some cases it can be trouble enough. Especially in the morning when you need to lay in winter after headgear. The bangs can emphasize flaws or hide them. The main thing is to choose your option. For the narrow and long face is straight, dense. For oval and round – mowing, asymmetrical.
In 2016 in the fashion and simple and layered hairstyles. Straight hair with straight cut and side parting is the major trend of 2016. They got hair stylists suggest that you lay in gentle waves and curls. For fine hair ideal haircuts with layers. Oblique long bangs are also in fashion.
Ladder and cascade, as well as the caret, not go out of fashion. Such layered haircuts for medium hair can create the dynamics in your hair. This is especially true for those who have hair do not differ excessive fluffiness and volume. But the owner of a very fine hair below the shoulders, cascade and ladder all over the head should be avoided.

Suitable hairstyles that soothe the facial features. Bet on extra long haircuts, below chin, curls, waves, hairstyles with bangs, softly enveloping the face, layered haircuts, soft and voluminous, combining volume on the sides of the face. Avoid haircuts without bangs, long straight hair and volume at the crown of the head. With this type of person recommended the hairstyle that will balance the narrow bottom of the face. Ideal curly hair, classic Bob, short bangs, long hair with side parting, graduation in the upper part. Not recommended very short and combed back hair. A couple I noticed myself that same haircut you want! Bored with this hairdo to go! That I will have to face.
As you probably know, there are five common face shapes – round, oval, rectangular, square and triangular. Selection cutting should start with a precise review of your face. Stand in front of the mirror, without makeup, in good lighting and put your hair in a ponytail. Look closely at the three strategic points – the chin, eyes and how to choose haircut for face shape.

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