Hayden Panettiere hairstyles

bangsIt’s no secret that the basis of any girl is Hayden Panettiere hairstyles. You can even safely say that hair is the main indication that a complete image of a harmonious and perfect its owner. Fashion for haircuts very choppy, and almost every season it is radically updated. However, there is such a proverb: “Everything new is well forgotten old”, fully justifying its value in the coming season.

This year in fashion again haircuts, relevant a few years ago. Today, on top of the fashion Olympus is again possible to see the extravagant and romantic Bob caret, who previously chose only the owner of short hairstyles. But this season popular Bob for medium length hair. The same goes for the caret. However, not in their usual classically-strict version, but in a completely new. In Vogue unusual forms, geometric in combination with an asymmetrical or wavy lines, as well as any manifestation of creativity and wildest fantasies.

Bob for medium length hair stepped confidently from the classics in favor of some creative inventions. Stylists chorus claim that the modern Bob can have a clear, balanced strands, and the rough edges in the styling. Another trend of this season is the Bob and Kara curled locks along the entire length, in combination with straight bangs. Bangs framed as straight smooth hair and careless curls, if required by Your image.

It is the bangs is the most relevant element of the hairstyles in the new year. Perhaps the most trendy option of the season will be long side-swept bangs combined with straight, smooth Bob. This option hairstyles for its apparent similarity with boyish style was called Tomboy. He will approach the girl who is not afraid to show their individuality.

Smooth the bangs no shorter than mid-forehead

As for the length of the bangs that are not worth to forget about Your individual features. Depending on the shape of the face, stylists recommend to choose straight thick bangs to her eyebrows or smooth the bangs no shorter than mid-forehead.

Attention stylists give Bob caret or trapezoidal shape. This is a relatively “fresh” approach to grooming, which helps to move away from established trends in styling and makes an unusual and interesting shapes in the usual way. This Bob can be worn with straight, perfectly straightened hair, and curled locks.

Also, very relevant Bob with graduation. The cost can be throughout the volume of hair, and only their tips. You should pay attention to the incremental graduations of the front strands. This Hayden Panettiere hairstyles will suit chubby girls. It visually narrow the face and accentuate the cheekbones and chin. In addition, the created image will be whole and accurate.

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