Hair Color Trends For 2016

Hair Color Trends For 2016The start of the year marks the start of our latest new year’s resolutions Hair Color Trends For 2016. This year, I traded in the resolutions of the self sacrificing kind and went with a more indulgent approach. I went to the salon for a hot new hair color . . . and may I say that 2016 has started off beautifully! Losing a few pounds, smoking less, and exercising more, are all great ways to feel and look your very best, but what about treating yourself to a little beauty TLC? With these hot hair color trends who can resist amping up the year with an infusion of hair color?

Hair Color Trends For 2016

Blondes are still a bombshell hair color choice but with a twist. Celebs and hairstylists are opting for blonde colors in a cooler tones for a dramatic impact. I love Emma Stone’s soft, sweet style combined with her edgy icy blonde hue! Think cool platinum, violet, and silver undertones instead of warm yellow and buttery blonde. If you’re still hooked on your golden locks, consider adding some flair with some cool blonde highlights.

Pink, violet, and blue, oh my! Pastel hair color is sweet, whimsical, and a totally hot hair color. What’s great about pastels, is you can go with a more creative look without it being too overpowering. Pastels are soft and girly but also fun and playful. Add some subtle drama to your look with one of the flirtiest hair color trends of the season.

Trend Hair Colors 2016

Celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Eva Longoria are sporting one of the hottest hair colors this year. Burnt brown combines a natural chocolate brown color with copper highlights and undertones to achieve a “burnt” effect on the hair. This hair color technique is so warm and rich that it’s a perfect way to warm up any skin tone. Not to mention that it’s a fun way to spice up your average brunette hair color!

Trend Hair Colors

Whether it’s a bright clip-in hair extension or the real deal, now is a great opportunity to show off a bit of your wild side with a pop of bright hair color! With a peak a boo of color, you don’t have to overcommit to a wild new style, but can enjoy a playful piece of your fav bold hair color that you can hide or make visible as desired.

Ombre is still going strong this year! Celebrities are heating things up with brighter, bolder, and warmer tones as opposed to the original blonde and caramel ends. Jordan Sparks and Leighton Meester are rocking a fresh spin on a classic look with their fun new hair color choices.

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