Fashionable hairstyle can make a simple braids

Fashionable hairstyle can make a simple braidsFashionable hairstyle can make a simple braids with tail and volume, great for weekends, vacation, home. Make a hair style easily. Make a side parting, separate a wide strand on top and do the other side. Further, this strand of slaughtered invisible in the back of his head, lifting it slightly, making the volume. Gather hair in low ponytail, tied with a thin elastic band.
Elegant hairstyle, a great option for work and for walk, hike in the cafe. Need a scrunchie and a pair of stiletto heels. Collect your hair in a ponytail and the elastic band pulls slightly back so the tail was free. Then we separate the hair until the gum into two parts to make a hole. In this hole you need to push the tail and then spinning it into a bundle. Received the harness need to obratiti around the base of the tail and stab pins.

Interesting hairstyle, it is just like a beam, but it contains and weave. First you need to tilt the head forward to brush the hair and braid the fishtail to the crown. Then gather hair into a high ponytail and ponytail to make a bun.

Braids for long hair
Recently, a special popularity was won braids and various hair braiding. Woman’s world offers you several options of hairstyles with detailed instructions.

To create this look, gather hair on top of head from the ears, release the sides of the hair a little. Coil your hair in the flagellum and kill it with a hairpin. Then slightly lift your fingers, pull the strands on the top.

A fashionable hairstyle can make a simple braids, only to weave her own on the side. Take the left temple 3 strands, make a braid and gradually grabbing strands from the top and bottom doplatit braid to the other ear. Attach the hair clip.

Simple hairstyles for long hair you can do if the hair is spun into a bundle on the side and stick pins. Hair need to cheat with the help of forceps.

Such a simple beam can be done if on a ponytail using a thin elastic band, leaving one strand from the bottom. Then roll the tail into a bun and kill it with a hairpin. Wrap the remaining strand around the bun and clip away the studs. With the help of needles or other pointed object to lift the beam from a few strands. This is perfect for
fashionable hairstyle can make a simple braids

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