Cute Hairstyles for School

Weave Hairstyle for SchoolDo you like looking spectacular when you head to class? While it is essential to dress up nicely, also vary your hairstyle regularly. You will need cute and easy hairstyles for school. Here are some, which are hassle-free to replicate.

1. High Ponytail

Ponytails are a cute hairstyle for girls, perfect for long hair. They are versatile and accommodate many hair textures. For this look, just lift your hair up to the crown. Secure it with an elastic band, and let is swing, –that’s all. Your ponytail can become sophisticated if you add braids. Create a casual look that looks stunning, by matching it to a floral dress.

2. Spiked Headband

For quick hairstyles for school, consider getting a spiked headband. The hairstyle is perfect for wearing your hair down or up. For the headband, you can buy one or make one at home using simple tools and materials.

Studded or spike headbands, will refresh your look, and draw attention everywhere you go. The look is both girlie and quick to create, taking less than a few minutes to pull off. If you are just straight out of bed, and the comb is strangely missing, just wear the spiked headband, no one will notice.

3. Hair Bow

Tie your hair into a bow, for this look. The hair bow, gained a huge following after Lady Gaga introduced the style back in 2009. It is still in fashion, and you can wear the style of natural hair, relaxed hair or extensions. For the bow, you don’t need scarves, ribbons or headbands. You will only need a standard ponytail and a medium sized hair tie.

4. Loose Side Braid

Loose side braids are the best solution to deal with long hair. With thick hair, you are in for better results. Creating the style on a busy morning before going to school is also easy.

You will need to perform only two steps, twisting and braiding. First, twist the front pieces of the hair to the side. Next, you will bring the rest of your hair forward. Braid while combining it with the front twist. Before heading out, finish off the look with a large statement necklace. It is among the pretty hairstyles for school.

5. Crown Twist Braid

The Crown Twist Braid is elegant and will require about 5 minutes to recreate, once you master this simple method. Make two strands of braided hair on both sides of the head. The two strand braids connect at the back to make a crown. You will need bobby pins and small elastic pieces to secure the crown.

6. Double Bun

If you love wearing the topknot bun or half bun, it is time to make double bans. Also known as the space bun, it is a cute and easy hairstyle for school going girls. The two buns will make your hair look voluminous.

Note that, you don’t have to create two separate buns. Create a large one and twist the bun in the middle. In addition, the style will hardly eat up your morning time. For the double bun, dive the hair, and make two separate but even buns. Every time you untie the buns, you get wavy hair. Two better is better than one, make a point to try the hairstyle.

You can opt for only one bun for the fastest hairdo. When you just out of the shower, with wet hair, grab and pull it back to form a ponytail. Twist to create a bun and off you go to school.

7. Bouffant

This hairstyle was the main look in the 18th century in Western Europe. Current variants look different from how women first wore it. The bouffant involves raising the hair high on the head to create a mini beehive. Let the hair cover the ears as it hangs on the sides. Before pulling the hair high up, tease it, to increase its volume and fluffiness.

8. All Natural

If you are remarkably late and have no time to replicate any of these quick hairstyles for school, just wash and go. Though, make sure to avoid a bed-head by applying some soothing cream before going out.

9. Tight Dutch Braids

The classic tight Dutch braids, keep you in balance. You start by parting your hair right in the middle. Try using the center of your nose, as a guide for an accurate division. Clip one side say the left and focuses on the other.

After getting a neat division, divide the hair into three strands. You get one center strand extending from the root and two other strands. Braid by first moving the right piece under the middle and then the left under the middle. You will create a long twist on one side within no time. Unclip the other side and repeat the procedure. Once you finish braiding, secure each with elastic at each end.

10. Curly Bob

The style is popular among the youth for its bold, simple but elegant look. It’s a must do for girls with short hair. Because of its simplicity and time-saving add the curly bob to your quick hairstyles for school collection.

However, you will need a curling iron to smooth all strands on the head. Spraying the strands with a strong hairspray is also recommended. The curry bob is yours to explore if you have thick hair, which is naturally wavy. Add a headband or scarf for a girlie appeal.

11. Waterfall Curl

It is a cut that works best with dense, thick hair. It involves making the curls cascade naturally into each other. If you have long hair, you will love how flows from your back. However, creating the waterfall curls can take time and several products. Thus, go for the look if you have time on your hands, and have the weekends free to style up. It is worth every effort, and it is among the cute hairstyles for girls.

Never come out the house with a cap on again. Just use any of these cute hairstyles for girls.

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