Cool Skin Tones

Cool Skin TonesWhen your hair color meshes with your , you look and feel healthier, more natural and put-together. Get this delicate balance wrong however, and your hair color can look painfully off, and your skin can appear muddy, ruddy or washed out. Knowing if your skin tone has warm or cool undertones, will help you in choosing the most flattering hair colors for you. Not sure what your undertones are? Here is a quick and easy quiz that will help you determine your skin tone.

Light Olive Skin Tone

For gorgeous hair color inspiration look to Carrie Underwood’s at the 2016 ACM Awards. This combination of cool blonde tones compliments her light olive skin tone. The dark natural blonde base with wheat blonde highlights adds depth and dimension and looks natural and stunning. Going too light on olive skin tone can make skin look yellow. Avoid golden or caramel colors in favor of cool blonde tones like honey, taupe or cool ash browns.

Medium Olive Skin Tone

Shakira, like many Latino’s and Asian’s, have true olive skin tone. Her skin tone is part of her classic Latin American attractiveness. She has gone through some hair color phases that were not as complimentary as this tawny honey blonde with ashy undertones. Warm golden blonde shades look unnatural with olive skin and have a yellowing effect on the complexion. Instead, choose platinum-ash highlights and avoid the temptation of getting all-over light . . . It won’t do your skin any favors!

Fair Skin Tone

If you are fair-skinned like Gwen Stefani, with blue (cool) undertones, you are the envy of all. You can go as light as you dare with your hair color. The general rule is; the lighter the skin, the lighter the hair. Platinum blondes are all the rage now and can be worn as a solid monochromatic color, or interspersed with creamy blonde balayaged pieces. If you’re skin is fair and you want to wear the lightest blonde shades, you run the risk of looking too pale or washed out. Makeup that defines your eyes, eyebrows and mouth will help solve the problem. If you love the platinum look but you’re not a natural blonde, talk with your stylist about the maintenance; it could be a problem. Cool Skin Tones gallery is here!

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