Christina Aguilera Haircut

ponytailChristina Aguilera Haircut is one of the most joyful events. Women’s world offers several options, any this hairstyle for a celebrities medium hair can be done very easily.

To make this hairstyle, you need one small elastic hair band, some invisible, hairspray and comb. It’s very simple. You need to collect hair in a high ponytail. Then at the base of the gum to split it into parts and received in the hole to push all the hair in the tail. Then make the bouffant and pinning her hair up as shown in the photo. Increase clicking the photo and let us consider how to do this hairstyle on medium to long hair. You should not have any difficulties.

celebrities medium hair

This hairstyle is even much easier first. In addition to make it possible not only for medium length hair. So it is possible to collect and long hair and short shoulder length. You only need a small comb and two hair bands. You can also use spray or lacquer for fixing.

Divide your hair into 2 equal parts and tie the tails from them. Adjusting the height of a tail, you can adjust the height of the final hairstyles. The main thing is that the tails weren’t far from each other.

After, braiding from each tail wiring or loose braid on your taste. The resulting bundles with each other and secure in with pins around the base, of the gum. If hair length allows, you a few times to wrap the hair each of the rubber bands that hold the tails. After the hairs are mounted pins, gently stretch the hair to make the look more lush.

Very beautiful, elegant and simple hairstyle for long medium hair. Don’t believe? Try to do it.
Collect all your hair into a ponytail on the side. From the tail, take a few strands and Zapletal 2 more braids, but thicker previous. Then take the hair at the ends and as you begin to wind around the base of the tail, near the gum. Fasten studs and varnish.

Very simple, but nevertheless elegant Christina Aguilera Haircut. Everything you need to create a few hairpins and a comb.

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