Cameron Diaz hairstyles

hair downTo grow long beautiful Cameron Diaz hairstyles under force to any woman. If you have hair fall out, they are prone to excessive dryness or greasiness, then you need to check the entire body. If the body is in order, begin to act.

The hair is becoming more and more popular, and all because many women want to have long thick hair. Wait no one wants, that women have resorted to the services of masters hairdressers, without thinking about the consequences. Long hair is very pretty and feminine and if you are wondering how to grow hair fast, this article is for you. Of course we do not promise immediate effect but faster growth of hair a couple of inches in a month guarantee.

Curls on long hair

Let’s be realistic. No one wakes up one morning with a lush, perfectly set curls. Someone trusts her hair stylist, Barber or sister, and someone, likely the majority, do yourself a hairstyle. Today a woman’s world tell and show you three versions of how to make beautiful curls on long hair.

The first option curls on long hair.

1. Wash your hair and dry them with a towel to remove excess moisture.
2. Take styling spray curls. Then, tilt the front of you and bend all of the hair down, all the hair from the roots to the tips of the spray.
3. In the same situation the hair dryer.
4. Then take the tongs and separating, not for long strands of hair, twist them with pliers.
5. Allow the curls to cool and remove them carefully with your fingers.

The second option curls on long hair.

1. Wash your hair air dry.
2. On slightly damp hair, apply mousse (about the size of a hand), well comb to the hair mousse are distributed to all of the hair.
3. Dry the hair
4. Take the tongs of large diameter.
5. Curl curls towards the face.
6. Allow the curls to cool, them with varnish, and then with a comb with rare teeth to break up the curls. Spend a comb through his hair once.
7. The ends of your hair again curl tongs inside. Curls for long Cameron Diaz hairstyles is ready.

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