BEST STYLE SHORT HAIR CUTBest style short hair cut is changing years by years. In seventies, hair cut be came most important think for women. Before that, women thought that make up was the most important think for good appareance. If we say that, short hair cut style is the most breavest type of cuting, it wont be false. Because short hair cut always seems to bad experience for all kind of women. Short hair cut never tought like valueable type for women.

Why women scare to short hair cut ?

Most of women did not try to short hair cut until to any centruies. Once upon a time women remembered to long hair. Short hair cut tought that not a female type for most of women. Thats why women didnt a long time. In this days, short cut hair model using for most of women. Because long hair cut looks like very monoton and ordinary a special for young girls.

The most biggest improvement was came to from American women in 1900.Womens now free because life is easy than 1900. This years we well see short hair women, this is my think. Womens always be a beautiful, short hair cut sometimes some women nice invisible.

Short cut and celebrity

Many celebrity love this short hairstyles and make that hairstyle trend. If you have naturally curly hair, you are so lucky. Waves are the best friend of short cut. 20 days after Christmas and women well see beautiful maybe short hair is right for you. Many people think that short hair are not feminine but they are wrong. Short hair cut could be feminine. Long hair hides your facial beauty. Short hair not like a long hair. Short hair your facial beuty it is brought to the fore. Choise is yours. Do you want a long hair or short hair ? Best style short hair cut is here…



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