Best Hair Color For Your Skin Tone

Best Hair Color For Your Skin ToneDo you want to dye your hair? You sould choose Best Hair Color For Your Skin Tone. Otherwise you do not pleased with the result. Skin tone is the key factor of right color selection. You shoulder consider it before you choose your new hair color. We will give useful tips to help your deciding here!

What Are The Hair Colors For Light Skintones?

Let’s start with blonde. You should use light blondes like platinium. Or strawberry blonde and gold brown can be good choice too. Especially we recomment strawberry blonde.

Prefer watm shades of brown. Redish browns are perfect fit to light skintones. Many women love these colors but it doesn’t them. You are so lucky because of carry this color.

What Are The Hair Colors For Medium Skintones?

Medium skintones have many blonde haşr color options. Auburn red is fancy one and trendy style for few years. These warm color will give you energetic look.

If you want to go blonde you should choose warmer shades of blonde like golden blondes. Avoide ashy and cold shades.

What Are The Hair Colors For Dark Skintones?

Don’t forget don’t change your color more than to shades lighter. So don’t prefer very light shades. If you prefer blonde, go for dark shades of blonde.

Brown shades are bes color for dark skin tones. Brown hair color fits best and look like natural with dark skintones. You can use two shade together as an higlights. Golden browns are best way to add some shine!

When you choose Best Hair Color For Your Skin Tone; you can give ideas from gallery below.

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